About Me

I created my first Betfair account in 2002. One of my friends introduced me and briefly explained the lay option, instantly I was hooked and was thinking of ways on how to ‘beat the system’. My first ever strategy wasn’t actually trading, it was just gambling but with a twist. I was basically asking my friend (probably the worse gambler I’ve ever met) what he was backing, and I would lay. None of us were taking prices at value, so long term, we would both end up out of pocket……. But on the positive side, it did provide us with constant beer money on a weekend. When he lost, i won and vice versa :)

I think for around 18 months, i tried many strategies, all based around laying horses. Laying the favourite, even laying the worse horse (AKA The Donkey) in the race. Has you can imagine, i rarely lost, but when i did, it wasn’t a good day. Complete destruction came when England had just won the Rugby World Cup, in 2003. I came home after one or two many beers than i recommend to be gambling on Betfair….. My biggest loss was around £6,000, and losing over £10,000 in that single weekend, was the final nail in the coffin.

So that was that, I completely wiped my bank out and decided to call it a day. Even though I stopped, I would still often wonder that there was an opportunity within the exchange, I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it…..

“Losing £10,000 in a single weekend, was the final nail in the coffin”

Over the next few years, the internet rapidly improved. Youtube among other websites were created and it wasn’t long before I was researching more about sport exchanges. Learning about value and limiting risk by opening and closing positions (trading). 6th April 2007 I created a new Betfair account (not sure why my old account was deleted, may be in-active for too long?) and started using the ‘Lay The Draw’ football strategy.

Although my success literally quadrupled overnight, I still had very little structure moving forward. If I’m brutally honest, even though i was effectively trading, I was doing so with a gambling mindset (If you’ve traded before, I’m sure this will sound very familiar). 2 steps forward, 3 steps backwards and the little consistency I had, was done so by luck.

I’ve no doubt, my story so far seems all doom and gloom, but it really wasn’t. Betfair was way down my list of priorities. I was extremely busy creating new businesses, buying property and working a ‘day’ job which i really enjoyed. I was also working has a club DJ and record producer and things started to go international. So there was very little time to take trading sports very seriously. Over the next few years, I was still active but again, it wasn’t just a bit of fun but more so out of curiosity and trying to ‘beat the system’.

My Studio – I still make music these days, but not so much. I keep saying i will make a come back but it never happens, may be next year :)

A new decade, a new country, and even a new continent! 2012 I decided to finally make a permanent move to Asia, I had close ties with Thailand through the music industry, and wanted some new challenges, so it made sense. In the space of a few weeks, i literally sold all my belongings. Bought shares in a new start up company in the UK called Nourish (healthy food restaurants) and bought shares in a night club business which had various venues (808, Lucifer 2.0 & Candy shop) around Thailand.

It was also around this time, I discovered people were doing what is now known as ‘matched betting’. Even though I’d done some of the start up offers with various bookmakers already, I decided out of curiosity to see how far I could take it. In total, i think I did over 100 sign up offers (most of which I’m now banned, of course).

My ‘day’ job most of the time was working in marketing. I worked my way up the ladder to a director role and worked at some huge international companies like Hard Rock Cafe & Hooters.

A-One Hotel & Fat Coco Beach Club (top left) / Cafe Del Mar (top right) / Destination Eats – SE Asia Franchise holder for the listed brands (bottom)

Although I love the challenge corporate life brings, I can’t justify working 15 hours a day for somebody else. Even more so when you’re making good money trading. The night before I resigned, I made a weeks salary in around 2 hours. So i was already questioning why am I going to work. That day at work I had several disagreements with the MD and resigned.

25th June 2019 is the official day I went full time trading.

Has you can see, its not been an easy ride and I most definitely took the long way round. Writing this in 2019, I think i have been trading with a consistent profit for just under 3 years. I still make daily mistakes, i still have days with loses, but they are rare and are a lot more controlled these days. My next long term goal is to hit £10,000 per month profit consistently, but I’m still a long way from hitting that.